industry essays

Joliene asks: [What] drives your writing and keeps the juices flowing? What are the project ideas you have in the works, now that The Walker Papers is being put to bed??? Occasionally what my publisher is looking for drives my writing ideas–that’s what prompted the Strongbox Chronicles, for example, and it’s behind one of the […]

Thirzah asks keeping kick-ass real? Why is it ok to have a hero/ine shoot people in fiction, when we’re opposed to guns & violence in real life? Well, I write about a god-fighting shaman, so I’m not sure how *real* I keep kick-ass, but… :) I think it’s all right for us to explore violence […]

A while back, I put forth a general call for questions about writing that people might want to ask me, and, er, I just remembered that I had the list stored, so I thought I’d answer one! :) Heather asks: Character inspirations – from whom did you draw the personality traits of Joanne, Gary, Morrison, […]

I should not even post this, because it is a shitstorm in the making, but OMG. Sharon Lee/ of Sharon Lee & Steve Miller is doing an open Q&A, and posts a response to a question about fan fiction over here. Fan fiction is an incredibly touchy topic, and I thought Sharon responded with an […]

the essential kit

Look, I don’t know why it is that I get bent out of shape more easily over injustices in comicbookland than in sffland, but I pretty much do. I’ve certainly identified myself as a SFF reader longer (although by only half a decade or so, probably), but somehow comics tend to hit me right in […]