Ladies' View Castle

I don’t think I’ve posted this one before. This is Ladies’ View Castle, which is just up the road from yesterday’s picture, Torc Waterfalls. This is one of many places I wish could be restored! In other news, my god I am exhausted. I just sobbed my way through 2000 new words at the end […]

Torc Waterfalls, Killarney

Torc Waterfalls in Killarny, Ireland. Killarney is a ridiculously beautiful area. The town itself looks like the town planners took a poll of Americans, concluded what the perfect picturesque Irish village should look like, and custom built it to suit. The landscape is equally lovely. I could live there very happily. :)


This was taken in Belfast, but beyond that I have no idea at all where I was. Pretty, though, isn’t it? :) This was taken in the main square of Cobh, and somehow ended up in my Belfast folder, thus confusing me enormously. It did not, however, confuse Nicholas Whyte, who set me straight… :)

Marlogue Hearth

There’s a maintained forest in Cobh, Marlogue (Marlow) Wood. Scattered throughout it are small ruins, houses that have been taken back by the wood. This is my favorite shot I took of one, a hearth that appears in remarkably good condition, given that everything around it has largely disappeared.

Cork City Hall

This is probably the first night shot I ever took that was worth anything. It was taken during a photography course offered in Cork, which I enjoyed enormously and should probably do more of. Although not in Cork. :)