I always liked this for a Valentine’s Day image. Hopeful! Taken in Kinsale, I believe. I loved the simple color scheme. So red! So blue! So white! And so hopeful! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Yesterday I went out in an (ultimately futile) attempt to find an e-book that didn’t make me angry. I failed*, but I found something much better: Batman patrolling the streetes of GothamDublin! She was very clear on being Batman, not Batwoman or Batgirl (my friend Spidey says “Always be Batman,” which I gotta agree with), […]

We’re back from Belfast, where we had an absolutely splendid time. We didn’t get pirate pictures, because we were in the wrong place at the necessary time, but we walked approximately 45207 miles and took an equal number of photographs, some of which I’ll post soon. And I had all kinds of clever thoughts and […]