I have been blessed with excellent teachers in my life, one of whom is Pat Dixon, my high school photography teacher. I’d always liked photography, but his classes were inspiring to me, as was he. As he still is, as a matter of fact. I’ve been idly working on getting prints up over at Deviant […]

Normally I would post these on kitsnaps (see, you should be watching it, or at least the feed), but it’ll be days before they go live there and the sunset tonight was so gorgeous I thought everybody should get a chance to see it minutes after it ended. The sunsets are hands down my favorite […]

See, I told you. Lots of posts. :p (and I am of course typing at the laptop, so either I’m not suffering that much or I’m really stupid.) I thought I’d start the weight loss chat room this coming Sunday, the 5th of April. The most widely agreeable time was ‘open at chat room at […]

I have a dream. It’s not as noble a dream as MLK Jr’s. It’s just a dream that I’ll get my kitsnaps photographs all tucked together in a tidy directory someday, where they will all live in their appropriately modified glory and will be easily accessible. Having just gotten a Giant! New! Computer! makes this […]

Temple Library Reviews (aka LJ’s own ) has done a lovely writeup on theupcoming “Take A Chance” premiere, and Morrigan Books owner (owner?) Mark Deniz/ also mentions it on his blog. Yay! Ted and I actually got up and went to the gym today. We’re quite proud of ourselves. :) And for much of the […]