Temple Library Reviews (aka LJ’s own ) has done a lovely writeup on theupcoming “Take A Chance” premiere, and Morrigan Books owner (owner?) Mark Deniz/ also mentions it on his blog. Yay! Ted and I actually got up and went to the gym today. We’re quite proud of ourselves. :) And for much of the […]

It is my most sincere and bordering on desperate hope that there is either a second hard drive with more of my stuff on it, or that my photographs have been saved to the Big Storage Drive, because otherwise with the exception of about six (granted, very good) photographs, I have lost the original kitsnaps […]

Deirdre came out to Longford on Tuesday to do a photo shoot for publicity shots for the arts festival she’s participating in this fall. She gave me permission to post the three shots we settled on as her portfolio, so I’m doing so. We’re both very pleased with the results! Click through for larger versions […]

Ok, I’ve set up a flickr photostream for my Project365. Doing this might even get me posting at kitsnaps () again, which is nice. I’ll probably only update once a week for a while (maybe for always) since I’ll be largely offline the next few weeks, but that should be okay as long as I […]