I just went and looked at the TBR list I posted in May. On May 9th, in fact. I had 35 books on that list. I took 3 off because I decided I wasn’t likely to read them, and I’m down to 13 now, though I also bought at least…seven books while traveling to and […]

Has anybody been to the Space Needle recently? Does the tour guide still tell you that it’s height it something around 2000 Mars bars set end to end? Does anybody know the exact number? Yes, really, this *is* an important Seattle question… :) Okay. CAULDRON, whatever its title ends up being, has been delivered unto […]

The Dark Knight doesn’t start in stupid Longford until NEXT WEEK! *ded*

Snurched from /Tersa: This is IMDb’s top 25 all-time box office hits. Bold the ones you saw in theater, italicize the ones you saw some other way instead, and leave the unseen ones alone.

Quiet day today. Wrote 5200 words. Did not finish the book. Went to see Iron Man again. It stood up to a second viewing. Still dying for Pepper as Iron Maiden, plz. Want it on DVD so I can make more icons. Also watched Hellboy again. Love that movie. Have it on DVD. May make […]