on holiday

Churchbells ring like crazy at a quarter to eight, here. It gives one the impression that the village had best be up and about by now, not lying around like lazy slug-a-beds. :) We had not planned any French Adventures yesterday, as my parents were arriving for their part of this vacation. I’d thought I […]

Shortly after writing this morning’s post, I observed the guy next door coming out and dumping a honey pot over the back wall of his balcony. I realize this is a medieval town, but dear *God*. Today’s French Adventure was going in search of the Saint Hilaire Abbey, which after getting completely lost for the […]

HOMG. In the south of France, dying of heat and in need of a baby playpen/cot. Anybody know where in France one buys such things? Carcassonne is the nearest town of size…

THE PRETENDER’S CROWN is spell-checked, the prologue is rewritten, the NOTES are fixed, and it has been submitted to my editor, who says, “Huzzah!” I am officially On Holiday* until after my birthday. Laura Anne, the writing brain is yours; have at. I will be reading, exercising, trying to get my bad eating habits a […]