overachievement is a lifestyle choice

In the War Room just now, Laura Anne said, “Kit, I am in awe, once again, at your mixture of productivity and total lack of self-preservation.” I suspect that says it all. Not that she should talk. :) I’m also kind of fond of this final line of the synopsis I’m currently working on: “and […]

I made the sage observation to my mother this morning that I’m not very good at not going to extremes. She said, “No kidding. It’s good you’ve discovered that.” *laughs* I /am/ aware of it. In this particular care I mentioned it because I’ve started swimming again and I started at a measly 1K instead […]

and others pointed out to me that perhaps the 10K daily steps thing was meant for people who were not also riding their bike to the gym and swimming. Unless, Tersa said, you’re an overachiever. I fear she was making an insinuation, but it is not one I can grasp. I’m going to finish this […]

Online conversation just now, regarding tin whistles and guitars and broken fingers (yes, still damaged; we think I probably cracked a bone or two): Kit: so. that’s my goal. Trent: Heal, learn tin whistle, then move on to guitar? Kit: pretty much. despite the fact that tin whistle does not in any way translate to […]

We went by the Mardyke Arena, which is the University College Cork’s gym facility, to find out if they allow day passes to the swimming pool, which I suspect is the only pool in Cork worth swimming in*. They don’t, or rather, they do, but only if you come as the guest of someone with […]