So tired this morning. So HUNGRY this morning. And my shoulder is pinchy, so I’m going to prop myself up on the couch and write instead of going to swim right away. Maybe it’ll relax after a couple hours. (I need to learn to sleep on my left side. That would help.) Notes from yesterday’s […]

I got a decent haircut yesterday. It’s essentially this one, except my hair’s not actually that long yet, so mostly what matters is the back got brought up short like that. Except not that short because the hairdressers here apparently have a holy terror of using clippers on a woman’s head. Anyway, it’s better. I’ve […]

I haven’t started working today and I can’t figure out if it’s a bad sign (ie, the book is still screwed up and what I wrote yesterday is not right, and thus I don’t want to work on it) or if it’s just that I got up a little late and did a rather extensive […]

Today I figured out what was wrong with the book! And the best part is, I only have to go back about two and a half chapters to fix it, and most of what I’ve written can be kept, it just needs to be shuffled around and revised a little. It is not impossible that […]

Going to Dublin for three days when day one is a Sunday throws off my already not very firm grasp of what day it is even further. I’m completely convinced it’s Tuesday. Fortunately for me, rather than having to find something pithy to say, I can just point you at Laura Anne Gilman, who has […]