A friend of mine over on Facebook posted link to this article, Why Women Smile At Men Who Sexually Harass Us, which is a good article full of things that are tiresomely familiar to virtually all women and apparently continue to be surprising to many, perhaps most, men. I think it’s a good article for […]

I should not even post this, because it is a shitstorm in the making, but OMG. Sharon Lee/ of Sharon Lee & Steve Miller is doing an open Q&A, and posts a response to a question about fan fiction over here. Fan fiction is an incredibly touchy topic, and I thought Sharon responded with an […]

Friend of mine over on Twitter accidentally set me off on Women In Refrigerators by asking what it was about Rachel’s death in The Dark Knight that upset me so much. It’s that they fucking killed her. She’s the only woman in the first two movies and they fucking killed her for the angst of […]

the essential kit

Look, I don’t know why it is that I get bent out of shape more easily over injustices in comicbookland than in sffland, but I pretty much do. I’ve certainly identified myself as a SFF reader longer (although by only half a decade or so, probably), but somehow comics tend to hit me right in […]

the essential kit

So I was reading something–probably Kate Elliott ()’s fabulous The Omniscient Breasts–and some guy was commenting (to paraphrase), “Why would anybody want to read epic fantasy about women, who basically got married at fourteen and stayed pregnant their whole lives and never went five miles from where they were born?” I find the blindered attitude […]