Picoreview: Tomorrowland: boring. I really wanted to like it, as it had a message I certainly support, and there were a lot of good *pieces*, but overall it failed to click. It did not help that the opening seven or eight hours twenty minutes felt like somebody higher up at Disney had said “The audience […]

TV on DVD: s3 Arrow: If I were stronger, I would stop watching Arrow now. It’s not that I don’t like it. I *do* like Arrow; I’ve liked it from the start. I have issues with all the secret-keeping (issues which paid off in spades this season, actually, especially at the end), but I really […]

I’ve owned Kim Stanley Robinson’s SHAMAN since it came out, but hadn’t read it because I was still writing the Walker Papers, and regardless of how different his shaman and mine were likely to be (which was very, given that his book is set 40,000 years ago), I didn’t want to be reading about somebody […]

Picoreview: A Little Chaos: Entirely fictional, but charming. I mean, entirely fictional: Kate Winslet’s character is an invention, no one like her existed at all, and…I wish they wouldn’t do that. It’s like Disney’s Pocahontas: why drop a couple of historical names on top of characters who live lives completely unlike the real story? The […]

Picoreview: Fast & Furious 7: broke my heart. I knew it was going to; the goddamn trailers were making me tear up even as I recognized that they were specifically choreographed to. I had no attachment at all to Paul Walker–I think the only thing I’ve seen him in is the F&F movies–but I was […]