As mentioned in last week’s post, I got Rachel Bach (Aaron)’s military sf/space opera last year on the strength of her Eli Monpress books, and, in my quest to get through my TBR shelf in order, read them this month. They’re not as easy to fall into as the Monpress books; Devi Morris, the main […]

Picoreview: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1: Pretty good, actually. I’m not really a fan of the whole split it in two thing, but this worked a lot better for me than, say, Deathly Hallows Part 1 did. I felt pretty strongly that DHP1 could have been neatly tucked into 10 minutes at the start […]

Elfquest: Skywise & Cutter

Sigh. I’ll be giving the Final Quest one more issue, because it’s ElfQuest and I’ve loved it since childhood, and because there’s an *extremely* faint chance that the character they apparently killed at the end of this issue is actually dead. If they have actually killed the character off, the story becomes *much* more interesting […]

So the first couple issues proper of the new EQ story are out. When the first one came out, there was some blogger/reviewer type who had never read EQ before who said “confusing, too many characters, no emotional connection,” or words to that effect. In the comments and on FB and places, people shrieked, “How […]

We went and saw a stage production of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers on Wednesday, and the live simulcast of Tom Hiddleston in Corolianus last night. I’m going to wait to post my review of Corolianus because I know several people in America who are going to go see it in the next couple weeks […]