Michelle Sagara/‘s Chronicles of Elantra, more widely referred to as the Cast novels, has been an on-going favorite of mine since they launched several years ago. They’re the stories of the perpetually hungry, perpetually broke Kaylin Neya, a police officer (more or less) beleaguered by magic markings that make her life much, much more complicated […]

There’s a book I read when I was about 10, in 6th grade, probably, or possibly 5th. Anyway. I don’t remember the title or author, but the gist of the story was about girl who perhaps became ill and traveled back to ancient Egypt and lived there for a time. At the end of the […]

Picoreview: Rush: does what it says on the tin. Actually, it does more than that. It’s a very, very good movie, and this from someone who hasn’t got two sh…akes…to give when it comes to car racing. Chris Hemsworth plays more or less to type as a big, likeable jackass; Daniel Brühl, whom I haven’t […]

Jon Bon Jovi

So on Wednesday last we realized that my sister’s out-of-town Saturday performance conflicted with the Bon Jovi concert and that meant it was nearly impossible for Mom to go to Deirdre’s show and then babysit, and after a bit of discussion, agreed that the thing to do was for me to ask Kate to come […]

the essential kit

So my friend won tickets to see “We Will Rock You” in Dublin and put out a call on FB to see if anybody wanted to go with him. I said, “Me, me!” and so we went. Let me make this clear: “We Will Rock You” is pretty awful…and yet by the end of it, […]