My son has the Man Flu. This was an observation made by his father last night as we listened to him moan and whimper, and while I don’t know if small girls make these same sounds when sick (presumably they do), the similarities between Indy’s complaints and Ted’s when he’s sick were so exact as […]

Sick of being sick. Everybody is sick, and it keeps lingering and coughing and snotting and tireding and just ugh. I’ve had about 10 cold-free days since late October and whinge whinge snivel complain. Furthermore, my thinks to do list looks like this: Thinks to do: – ALL THE THINKS *ded*

I had great plans for writing this month. They were going to be like this: “Get up Monday morning & start writing! Then write during nap time! And steal an hour after Ted comes home to write! Do that every day until the book is done! HOO RAH!” The reality: go to bed Saturday with […]

That was a hit-and-run cold-bordering-on-flu thing if I’ve ever had one. I’m still not entirely well, but the difference between Sunday and Monday in my wellness level is nearly indescribable, nevermind how much better I feel today. And apparently I *caught* it at Christmas, since one of the guests had the same symptoms that laid […]

It’s 6:40am and I’ve been hopelessly awake for almost an hour, thanks to a wracking cough and high pressure system in my sinus cavities. I am exhausted and smell of Vicks Vapor Rub, and all I want is to get some more sleep. The cats, on the other hand, want me to feed them. *tries […]