I’ve done a whole 12 day streak with my Spanish DuoLingo. Dad & Indy were both interested in it the other day so I showed it to them. Dad started doing French, and Indy got quite excited when it turned out Irish was an option, so he and I started doing it together. A lot […]

I went swimming this morning, and was in a lane with a slowpoke, but he wasn’t getting in my way, so that was okay. The lane next to me only had one person in it, but another slowpoke got into my lane with the slowpoke and me. I got into the other lane, very grumpily, […]

If I were rich, I would be buying plane tickets to Vancouver, BC right now for next weekend, where I would go watch Jim Byrnes play Friday and Saturday night at The Yale. If I know anybody there, have pity on a poor writer and go see Jim play for me. 9pm, but you’ll want […]