sustainable funding models

I’ve ended up with some FAQs about what I’ll be doing next for crowdfunding/Kickstarter, so I thought to close this series out with a poll, which I’ll post shortly (ETA: I have posted it! It is here! You should be able to vote by logging in with FB, G+ or OpenID, I think, so if […]

I’ve got at least one more crowdfunding post to do, I think–one that’s more about future projects for me rather than probably being wildly useful in general–but this one is comments from the crowd: things people have said/asked in comments on these posts. I’m not attributing them, but they will perhaps give you (the general […]

Okay, I lied. I said I thought probably figuring out the reward tiers is the hardest thing about crowdfunding, but then I thought about advertising it and that’s much worse. There are people who are really good at shameless self promotion, and getting themselves out there where everybody in the whole world knows about the […]

Picking up on yesterday’s crowdfunding commentary: What sorts of rewards would be attractive? Rewards are the hardest thing about crowdfunding, I think. (Except for the general nerve-wracking “I’m throwing a party and wonder if anybody will come!” aspect of it.) Your basic reward for crowdfunded storytelling is the story. $5 gets you the e-book. There’s […]

I have SO MUCH to write about what I’ve learned from running the Kickstarter campaign that I’ve basically been unable to move forward on it, you know? Too much information and not enough mental capacity to break it down. Fortunately for me, a friend who is looking at running some crowdfunding had a list of […]