I had this glorious idea that I’d get the WALKING DEAD revisions done this week. I believe the phrase I am now searching for is “bahahahahah”. I shouldn’t have any problem getting them done by the end of the month as long as I get at least one read-through done this week, but I had […]

I am not feeling up for it today. This is ennui; this is the Novelist’s Event Horizon at its peak. The book is done except that niggling rewrite of the prologue, and doing it seems completely overwhelming. Even my walk this morning was uninspiring (although it did involve cygnets, and if I can find the […]

Hey, I’m doing really well: I got through more than 200 pages of AAs before the Horrible Sleepies attacked me. These are not bad AAs, though I’ve had this copyeditor before and she seems to have some sort of objection to hyphens. For some reason she took the hyphen out of “extra-long” (which is to […]

I have finished everything except the epilogue and the rewrite of the prologue. The book is currently weighing in at 176,400 words, and I expect the epilogue will be around 3K, as will be the rewritten prologue (the original of which is included in the book’s wordcount, so it, at least, won’t add more to […]

Work would be easier if it was always just about the writing. I’ve spent the last couple hours doing *work*, but this is “answer craploads of email and go through a million files” kind of work, which is just as wearying and time-consuming as actually writing, but doesn’t end up with more pages piled up […]