Ellen Million, who rocks, has scanned a couple of short stories I wrote in college and sent me copies of them, ’cause one, at least, I’m sure I don’t have. That one is a Beauty and the Beast story which, to the best of my own recollection, is a huge rip-off of Robin McKinley’s BEAUTY, […]

When I reached 5K today and added up my wordcount for the week, I discovered that with one thing and another, I had written 28,907 words since Sunday. 28,907 is awfully close to a nice round 30,000. And it was slightly before 5pm. “Shit,” I said, and went and wrote another 1100 words so that […]

Today’s early start meant I finished my 5K before 6pm. If I had been a Truly Swell Person, I would’ve charged along and continued to write until 6, but I’m just not that good a person. At all. But I am 4/5ths of the way through my Writing Blitz week, and tomorrow’s 5K will finish […]

Somewhere around noon today I realized that I was halfway done with this Writing Blitz, which cheered me up quite a bit. And now I’m 3/5ths done, and am feeling quite Blitzy! Had a bit of a panic when a scene that I hoped would take me through to the end of today’s wordcount didn’t, […]

Mom harangued me into actually getting to the needed quota today, so wordcount for January 2008 is officially 41,200. Not quite in Cherie Priest’s extremely excellent 53K for the month, but well ahead of the 1K a day minimum I set myself. (In fact, for those of you keeping track at home, I’m slightly ahead […]