Technological Triumph!

When we moved into this house we bought a new Samsung stereo, one which we could theoretically dock our Samsung phones right into and play music on them from. It has backup CD/DVD/USB/JPG/whatthefuckall options as well, but in theory one could download an app and stick the phone on and voila.

Apparently it works really well if you have an iPhone or iPod, but it works for shit with an actual Samsung, which makes no freaking sense at all, but there you have it. I’ve tried in a desultuory fashion for the past several months to Make It Go, but mostly we’ve been putting the occasional CD in it and mostly not using it at all. Part of the reason I rearranged the TBR shelf was so I would also have somewhere to put the stereo in the living room, because there was really nowhere, and this morning I gave Making It Go another shot.

I succeeded this time, although I ended up using a bluetooth connection instead of the hard dock I was going for. However, since it 1. WORKS, and 2. has SO MUCH BETTER SOUND QUALITY than the CDs did, I’m almost totally satisfied with the solution. (Not totally because it’s fucking stupid that the hard dock doesn’t freaking work. But almost totally.)

And in not unrelated news, the Pitch Perfect soundtrack is still wonderful. :)