The 140 Character Cookbook

The other day over on Twitter, Ilona Andrews said she’d bought churizo because she’d seen a recipe she wanted to try that called for it, but now she couldn’t find the recipe so what was she supposed to do with the churizo?

I said, “Sautee it in a pan. Throw in chick peas & sautee in chorizo oil until soft. Mix sour cream over it. Eat with pita. Die happy,” which she did. Without actually dying, I should note. But OMG. It’s a recipe Ted invented a few weeks ago, and I tell you, strong men would weep. (Ilona’s response to it was: “I made it. Holy crap.” I thought that was just what we were after. :))

Anyway, so I said to Ted I’d given her the recipe and that I personally had to approve of any recipe that could be related and recommended in 140 characters.

He stared at me and said, “That’s a cookbook.”


(Go on, give me your favorite 140 character recipes. I’ll save them. Just in case. :))


  1. Strip 1 chorizo sausage out of the skin & saute. Scramble in 3 eggs. Tortilla optional.

  2. Kladdkaka: Mix 150g cool melted butter,3dl sugar,1dl cocoa,2tsp Vanilla sugar, 2egg, 2dl flour. Line tin & Pour. 10-20min at 200c. Serve+cream.

    I first sent that to someone over 3 tweets, mind :) Swedish sticky chocolate cake , it’s meant to be gooey on the inside and meltingly-crunchy on the outside.

  3. Mix 2 eggs, 5 dl milk and 3 dl flour. Set oven to 225 C. Spread chopped bacon into a large ovenware, put it in for 5 minutes. Pull out, pour in batter, put it in and let it bake for 30 minutes.

    Serve with jam, preferably lingonberry or cranberry.

    Not 140 characters, though, I am afraid. But it gets yummy and kids love it :).

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