who knew?

I must be in the running for the Least Neurotic Writer award. Apparently today really is the official release day for RAVEN CALLS. Who knew?

There you go, folks. 7 years, 18 books, a comic, a number of anthologies and, at this point, more crowdfunded projects than I can shake a stick at.

Brag Shelf

Pretty cool. And apparently pretty surprising. :)


  1. CONGRATS Catie! Hey do you know if there’s an Audio book in the works for Raven Calls? I’ve really loved listening to your books.

  2. Dang nabit, for some reason the ebook version is not available until March 1st. Since I sold my husband on getting me one on the reduction of the piles of books (in genre’s he does not read) not sure I can get away with buying the paperback…

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