Mind-blowingly good news has come through for a friend, and I am *completely* over the moon about it. I don’t know when it’s going to be announced officially, but I’m pretty damned certain most people on my flist are going to be just as excited as I am. *beams* I’m not so much going “neener neener” here as I am attempting to radiate good will and good cheer at the universe in general, in case anybody needs some to pick up on. *radiate radiate radiate*

Went to the gym today. That’s twice! In three days! Woo! I didn’t even actually use the weights today, except the teeny ones they’ve got in the aerobics room, and instead just danced. About half an hour each of ballet and tap, the latter of which was kind of frustrating. My feet remember what they’re doing a lot better than my head does, but it’s been long enough that my feet are a bit sloppy, so they’re off doing things *mostly* right while my brain is going, “What? Wait! Wait, no, that sound isn’t quite right, wait, what are you *doing*?!” Although at one point I was struggling with a triple time step and my feet got annoyed with me and just went off and did a whole series of them correctly, leaving me staring at them in the mirror and going, “Oh yeah, no wonder I was having trouble, that shuffle really does need to be to the side to get my weight in the right place.” Helpful, if anarchistic, feet.

Dinner tonight is stew and biscuits. , eat your heart out. :)

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  1. Dinner tonight is stew and biscuits. mcurry, eat your heart out. :)

    Curse you, Murphy! Cuuuuurrrrsssseee yoouuuuuuuu! *shakes
    fist* :)

    And hurray for the excellent news (which I heard about this morning)!

  2. Congrats to your friend

    So you do tap as well? You do know I’m looking for entertainment items for the Saturday night on P-Con? Thinking of a few now :-)

  3. *G* Last time I was tapping I was definitely better if I took my brain offline and just let my feet go. I still get caught doing advanced flaps in elevators.

  4. I’m at work dealing with a system emergency AND I’ve been sick all day (and still am.) So, yeah, I guess I do, in fact, need to pick up on some good cheer or something.

  5. As another warm fuzzy offering, I am blasting through Urban Shaman like gangbusters, and can’t wait for the rest of the books in the series to arrive so I won’t have any lag time between. You’re an amazing storyteller, and I love your voice. Your pacing is flawless, as well.

  6. Speaking of the others, I received all of them (I think… 3 or 4?) yesterday, so will have an unending flow of your writing to sustain me for a while. :) Though, at the rate I’ve gone through Urban Shaman so far, that won’t be for much of a while. ;)

    I can’t wait ’til you write more, and would love to be a beta-reader sometime. Ask Anna, I’m very keen on the spelling and the grammar and the structure and the economy of words, etc.

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