2016 so far

Apparently my resolution is to sleep through 2016. Of the as-of-this-moment 41 hours available in 2016, I have slept, napped, or rested through 23 of them. The somewhat alarming thing is that I feel I could quite probably go back to sleep.

It is just barely possible I’ve surpassed my ability to cope.

We’ve dismantled the Christmas tree, which is quite an accomplishment. I even managed to more or less clean the kitchen. I’m…attempting…to make some headway on cleaning the office; half an hour’s effort yesterday took it from this:


to this:


which is an improvement, but not really much of one. Anyway, after that I had to, y’know, actually do some writing, which at least I *did*. And now I should do the same–the writing part, that is–on the logic that if I get that done quickly I can always do a bit more tidying later, whereas if I tidy now (at almost 5pm) I probably won’t scrape together enough enthusiasm to write later…

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