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This morning my web counter broke 20K visitors to the site. That’s pretty cool. I mean, the counter’s been up since 1995 or something, so it’s not like I’ve been overwhelmed with visitors over the last seven years, and I’m sure a lot of them are spiders (although I’m not quite clear on how that works in regards to counter hits), but still, it’s cool! :)

I went to my drawing class last night. It was … all right. I think I’m going to have to see, at the end, whether I’ve actually learned anything or not. On the other hand, at least I did drawings for the better part of three hours, so there’s nothing bad about *that*. And the model is very pretty.

The teacher, Tessa, did not go around helping people. No suggestions as to how to improve things. I don’t know if this is because it was the first class and she didn’t want to scare first-time artists off, or if she doesn’t work that way, and if she doesn’t work that way, I don’t see how anybody’s really going to learn anything.

Well, okay, no: I don’t see how _I’m_ going to learn anything. I know the basics (sure, right, drawing a head as two intersecting ovals works great … if you can draw two intersecting ovals of the SAME SIZE reliably, which I can’t … and if you can bear in mind that they’re not really going to be of the same size most of the time because mostly you’re not drawing a model in profile and if you have to guess at how foreshortened one of the ovals should be, this is not really very different from skipping the ovals at all … particularly if you already know where on a head a person’s ears go. Anyway.); what I need to work on is proportions and foreshortening. Well. We’ll see. *shrug*

7 thoughts on “20K visitors

  1. You’ll do groovy. You pick up on the art stuff really quick, from what I remember. :) I had an art teacher who was… stand offish. We put our stuff up on a board and she let everyone else rip the pieces apart! All I have to say about that, is it helped me go into writing classes with a thicker skin ;) I don’t actually remember her helping except in a very general way.

  2. Yeah, I said immodestly, I’m a decent artist, but I’d like to be better, and — well, I’m curious to see if this class will make me better or not. I don’t know if it will. Certainly, failing all else, *practice* will make me better, so for that itself it’s worth taking the class.

    This woman, Tessa, isn’t having anybody else tear our work apart, she’s just not doing it herself. I apparently find that unusual. :)

  3. Ellen! Yah, well, you’re like Actual Artist Lady. I’m, er. Not. :) But actually it’s really great having a model. I’ve only had a model maybe once or twice before in college classes, and it’s pretty cool. If only I could draw what I see!

    As soon as I draw one worth preserving, Trip. I did a nice head-shot of her last night, actually. Maybe I’ll scan that or something. If it’s still nice after I look at it today. :)

  4. I’m sooo jealous of you! I hope it goes well!

    You might just try asking her, “How could I improve this?” She might get more forthcoming then.

  5. That would be a clever idea, Flit!

    Well, next week we’re supposed to be working on proportion and foreshortening, and I shall see if she is of more individual help then, and if not perhaps I’ll start pestering her. ’cause, well. I wanna learn, darn it. (And for me in a drawing class, this is a big concession: generally I hate being told what to draw.)

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