My family’s dog got loose two nights ago (the 2nd) at Mount Vernon Court in mid-town Anchorage between Arctic and C Street (Benson and Tudor are the east-west roads on that block). I know it’s an awfully long shot, but if anybody sees her, please please email me at kit AT mizkit DOT com. Her name is Annie and she’s very old and fragile and I’m awfully worried about her. :(


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  1. *keeping my eyes peeled*

    Check with Friends of Pets as well as the pound… smaller, older dogs go to FOP rather than getting stuck in the pound.

  2. :( Oh, poor Annie! I feel so bad for your folks! She’s truly such a sweet li’l gal. :(

  3. erk

    Well, I doubt she’ll head down to Seattle but, if she does, we’ll give her a warm welcome.

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