Stinky puppy. Stinky puppy with the runs, apparently, and I don’t know if it’s the food she’s eating or if she’s “cleaning up” her dog run by eating her poop. Stinky digging puppy who is filthy filthy filthy and who tromps dirt from our formerly beautiful back lawn all over the house.

I’ve managed to smash both my elbows on things today. This has not been a great morning.

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  1. Yick yick yick! What sort of food are you feeding her? My friend Lauren just told me that she has a special food for her cat to keep Pearl from throwing up all the time. Maybe Chanti has an allergies… our trainer (oh yes, Pip goes to puppy kindergarten) mentioned that some dogs have allergies to chicken and beef; lamb is the next protein and most dogs to well with it.

    Just some thoughts.

  2. Dogs are really, really gross. Your puppy stories are making me think twice about this whole golden retriever thing…maybe I’ll just stick with fuzzy grey cats….

  3. We got her some adult dog food which is lamb-and-rice based, Tracie, thanks. Ted looked it up on the net and the net said dogs get gas from corn-based food, and the food we had for her was ‘chicken by-products, corn’ in the ingredients listing. Yuck. Disgusting. Gross.

    Get a six month old housebroken puppy, Laura. :P

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