*laughs*! I had all sorts of writing things to talk about, but then pointed me at this comic and now I am all giggly and have nothing meaningful to say. Go Turtles. :)

We went out to lunch with and today, which was entirely splendid. We met their new baby, ate a lot, had amusing discussions about the awful things women say and about crashing MMORPG servers, and generally had a very nice time. We have some faint hopes of actually getting together some *evening* one of these days now. But we wouldn’t want to jinx ourselves by talking about it too much, so I shan’t say anything else. :)

Almost the entire rest of the day has been spent dealing with HOUSE OF CARDS. The fair trade shop this morning was very quiet and I was the only one in to volunteer, so I sat there and stared at a wall and thought and took notes and wrote questions and various stuff like that. Then, on the drive home, I appealed to the Plot Machine, AKA Ted, and after an hour or more of talking had gotten some bones for the book. Further discussion with Trent helped shape some more details. As I said to Mom, it’s currently like the book only has cartilage. There’s structure there, but it’s kind of squishy. If I’m very lucky I can mostly add and not have to cut out huge chunks. Surgically inserting a skeleton after the fact. We shall see.

So the good news is I have an idea of what I need to do now, and while it’s a lot of work, it’s not quite as overwhelming to be facing a lot of work when I have a *plan* as it is when I don’t. The bad news is I’ll very likely throw out much, perhaps most, maybe all, of what I’ve written on book 3 and have to start over again because of the ramifications of the changes to book 2, which means book 3 will almost certainly be late. I am not happy about that, but there’s damned-all I can do about it.

I’m quite tired, and think I may well go to bed early, in hopes of getting up early and striking fear into the heart of my revisions. Or something like that. :)

miles to Minas Tirith: 70

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  1. I had fun at lunch too. First desert in Wagamamas for me, and a success I thought. Still feeling a little *round* though.

    Sounds like HOUSE OF CARDS (the cartilage book) is a shark or ray then. All squishy bits and no real bones. Doesn’t mean it can’t bite you in two, of course.

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