a busy day

Got through another several chapters on HoS. I have to do some fairly significant stuff in the antepenultimate and penultimate chapters, which I left largely untouched due to NOT CARING ANYMORE last time through, and I need to write two new scenes for around the 24th chapter. I’ll have to re-arrange chapter breaks after that, and make a couple of other small modifications to a few scenes much earlier in the book, and then by God I think I’ll be done.

I’d better be, because I’m at the point of thinking this is probably the worst piece of tripe ever written and that God himself couldn’t make a decent story of it. This usually means everything’s right on track and going well. (Neil Gaiman wrote in his blog a while ago about how he’d gone to his agent about 2/3rds of the way through his work in progress and said essentially what I just said, and she said, “First, you always say that. It’ll be fine. Second, *every* author always says that.” He said he liked it better when he thought he was the only one who did that. Me, I take comfort in knowing authors with forty books out are convinced that *this* time is the time it’s all going to blow up and everybody’s going to realize they’re a terrible hack and how could they have not seen it years ago, too. :))

I went to Curves today and had a pretty good workout. I’ll get better at using the hydraulic weights, I’m sure, although I’m not sure I can move the leg press fast enough to get the kind of weight I’d like to have. It’s okay, though; they’ve got a dance barre, and I’ll use that. I think it’ll be a good place to go for at least a few months, while I get back into weight lifting, since I haven’t done it at all in months, and not regularly for years. And I’m all cheerful, of course, because I worked out. *snort* Like clockwork, that. :)

Ok, I’m going to head home and watch a not very good movie (xXx) and enjoy the evening. More big work on the book to do tomorrow.

miles to Mount Doom: 288

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  1. I have the same annoying connection between working out and being cheerful. It’s irritatingly immediate and predictable.

    At least it’s from something healthy…

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