a-editing we go

Dammit. I just wrote up an entry, then accidentally clicked a URL in another window and this window got written over. Dammit.

I’m all alone today, as Shaun’s at work and Ted’s off being Master Caterer for an event that the UAA culinary club is doing. And I do mean Master Caterer; the professor who was supposed to be in charge of everything broke his ankle Wednesday night, and put Ted in charge instead. Ted’s been a bit O.O the last few days.

The point of mentioning the all aloneness is that I have absolutely no excuse to not work on the HEART OF STONE edits. I’ve gone through all the notes I’ve gotten and printed out the ones that weren’t written directly into the manuscript, and most of it is detail work. I should be able to get that done today.

But then there’s Mary Anne’s revision letter, which is annoyingly accurate and has numerous things I really should address noted in it. That might take me a couple of days, so I probably won’t get this out the door on Monday after all. And I will *try* to rid myself of some of the em-dashes, MA, although if you think I overuse them now, you should see my rough drafts. People’ve been trying to break me of the em-dash habit since fifth grade. It doesn’t stick. :)

miles to Lothlorien: 300

1 thought on “a-editing we go

  1. Ted rocks! Go Ted!

    For you the em dashes; for me the semicolons. I *like* them, darnit.


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