“A familiar set of tropes, done perfectly.”

“A familiar set of tropes, done perfectly.”

I just got my contest package back from the RMFW contest. Would you believe I’d /forgotten/ there was actually a cash prize involved in it? Pretty cool, hee hee hee.

TNH wrote All Over my manuscript. In red pencil. I have never been so happy to see so much red pencil on my writing in my life. *cackles of laughter* Well, except where it’s green pencil. She even made notes on the synposis, including, at the last paragraph, “Don’t!” Which… I understand, although I’m going to be cryptic because I don’t want to spoil the end of the story. :) Anyway, the way the story is wrapped up, from the synopsis, it looks sort of… plot devicey. I don’t think it is, in the actual book, and I’m *really* curious to see what she thinks of the end now that she’s got the complete ms. There’s also a note in the synopsis about something she brought up when we had lunch, how she was worried that separating the kids from one another would be plot devicey, and when I explained in brief how it worked, she seemed satisfied with the answer, so possibly the way it comes out in the end will be all right, too. :)

(notes! all! over! desire! to rewrite! strong!)

The RMFW contest scoresheets have scores 1-7, where 1 & 2 are ‘needs significant work’; 3 & 4 are ‘average for a writing contest’, 5 & 6 are ‘above average for a writing contest’ and ‘7’ is ‘of publishable standard’. My lowest scores from TNH are 5’s — one on character development, where she put a note that says, “Five kids, twenty pages, only so much you can do with that,” *laughs out loud* and also on “genre elements” and “synopsis: plot development” (which only go up to 6, actually). Everything else is a 6, except for “storytelling craft” which she gave me a 7 on.

Which, y’know, basically adds up to a lot of numbers, but it’s really, really cool to read feedback from her (*and* from the other judges, who also had some very useful commentary, and one of them had a question which I should’ve thought to answer in the synopsis, so I gotta email Jessie and have her tell the judge what the answer is *laugh*), especially lookign at her edits on the manuscript, because I can see almost entirely that yes, yes, she’s right, okay, good point, okay, worth considering, okay, yes…

Amusingly, she re-wrote my first sentence so that it was nearly exactly what it had been in the rough draft. *laugh*

(Now, please, let her enthusiasm sail all the way through to buying the book!)

Chipper, chipper me!

3 thoughts on ““A familiar set of tropes, done perfectly.”

  1. Congratulations! Some glowing feedback is just the thing to get you writing furiously again. Perfect timing, eh?

  2. Rock on, Super-Catie-Kit! Work that manuscript mojo!

    Right now I’m writing up monsters and prestige classes for fun and profit. Actually, with very little sleep and lots of other things to do, it’s mainly just the profit. I need to stick the fun back in at some point.

    Anyway – go go gadget writer fu!

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