a few more words

Managed another 720 words or so before Shaun came home and Ted came downstairs to play with the dog and all the peace and quiet necessary for writing was disrupted. So I dinked around for a while and then watched another episode of Highlander (see, my plan is to watch 2 episodes a weekend until I’ve finally watched all of season 1, and then I’m going to do the same with Farscape, and then I’ll have saved up enough to buy either Stargate season 1 and do the same, or Highlander season 2, and then by the time I’m done watching that, the next season of Farscape should be available… you get the picture), and now I’m getting ready to head for bed, but I thought I’d stop in and update my wordcount, which I’m sure thrills you all to *bits*.

50K in 30 days count: 8560
ytd wordcount: 18,970 (19K *so* *close*! augh!)
music: Chicago

1 thought on “a few more words

  1. I have every confidence that you’ll break 20K today, so, no sweat. It’s just another day. :)

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