a good copy edit

write 2k on REDEEMER : 2100 words
revise (or proof) 50 pages on one of 3 different projects 130 pages : proofed
– clean a room (thanksgiving is coming) : total failure on this today

So I’m doing page proofs on MAGIC & MANNERS, which is a very, very clean manuscript. I keep thinking I must be missing stuff, but I’m not. There’s just not much to catch. The copy editor, Richard Shealy at SFF Copy Editing, is terrific (and for hire :)). So that’s a great thing. My brain is still going numb from doing the proofs, but they’re really easy. Most of the mistakes are mine. Word echoes, how I hate thee…

2100 words on REDEEMER does not put me into “caught up on Nano” territory, but it’s not a bad day’s work. I totally failed to clean even a bathroom, though, much less pursue a larger ambition like cleaning the living room. Well, there are only…six…public rooms, and there’s 20 days until Thanksgiving Observed…

OTOH, I folded the clothes, at least.

I was moved, this morning, to do half a set of ballet barre exercises, because I know better than to do a full set when I’m out of practice. Even so, my thighs would like to know what the actual fuck I was thinking.

Oh! Oh! Oh! The Old Races Patreon campaign hit its milestone mark! I’m going to have to think of something else to stretch for now! Thank you all SO much! The next story will be posted soon!!! <3 <3 <3 :) :) :)

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