a little discussion on writing

Trip and I had a little conversation about writing tonight:

Trip whispers “You are a very encouraging Kit!”

Trip senses “Kit snorts. Yah, well, I like encouraging people I think are better writers than me. :)”

You sense Trip waves his tentacles. Maybe he puts together a word and another word pretty well, but you are better at whole stories!

Trip senses “Kit wibbles a hand. I’m more prolific, yeah. But I don’t think my writing’s as elegant as yours. :)”
You whisper “But we can agree to both think the other is swell. :)” to Trip.

You sense Trip means you’re better at story structure. His stories kind of wooble all over the place.
You sense Trip and Kit, swell together!

Trip senses “Kit has had several people tell her she’s very good at plotting. I have no idea *why*, since /I/ think I’m just going splah all over everything, but.”

Trip whispers “Yah, but your splahs all line up!”
You sense Trip guesses that’s like having your ducks in a row, only messier.

Trip senses “Kit grins. In the end, they usually seem to. It doesn’t usually seem like while I’m trying to get there, though.”
Trip senses “Kit laughs!”

You sense Trip looks for the quote about seeing as far as your headlights.
Trip whispers “But see, you apparently look at the road signs that show up in your headlights, so you don’t end up in Peoria!”

Trip senses “Kit laughs.”
Trip senses “Kit likes that headlights quote, yeah.”
You whisper “I think my headlights are sort of like I’m driving on a high road and I go around a corner and I get a flash of the lower road way far ahead. :)” to Trip.
You whisper “Or, y’know. Roadsigns. :)” to Trip.

You sense Trip grins.


  1. MAW

    I like the line about Catie being good at plotting……I have to agree with that….Back in the day, we used to have some good plots together….Wait, oh, you’re talking about storyline plots….

    Yeah, she’s good at that too….

    Come to think of it, I think we did some of that kind of plotting together too….back in the day…

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