a must-read author

A children’s book writer and artist, Chris Judge, lives down the street from my parents. Last year, or the year before, he gave them two of his (quite charming) books for Young Indiana, who is very fond of them. (My parents gave them fudge. When Dad arrived at their house with it, Herself answered the door and said, “Oh! Thank you! We were just discussing what to have for dinner.” :))

I saw on Friday that Chris’s new book, THE SNOW BEAST, had just come out, and I told Indy about it. “A SNOW beast?!” he cried. “It must be a YETI!” Anyway, nothing would do but we go get the book immediately, so Saturday we did that, and we read it twice in a row last night before bedtime.

So I told Chris on Facebook that he had become my son’s first must-buy author, and Chris responded with an “aww shucks thanks!” sort of thing, but best of all was that his FB icon is a picture of the Beast, which Indy saw and said, “The Beast?!”

I said, “Yes, I’m talking to the man who wrote the Beast books.”


And so it is. :) :) :)

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