a nice day!

Ben and Laura and I went to the zoo today. A significant number of the animals were sleeping, which was boring of them, but most of them were at least sleeping where a person could get a look at them, which was obliging. Aphun and Oreo, who are kind of the zoo’s highlights — a cohabiting polar bear (Aphun) and brown bear (Oreo) were — well, Oreo was out sleeping (but I didn’t take any photos of her) and Aphun was hiding in a cave. Still, the glacier bear was wandering around, and Jake the brown bear was being cute, and we looked at the sleeping wolverines and said, “Wolverines are meaaaaan,” and there was a BRAND NEW wolf puppy who was very, *very* cute, trotting back and forth in his cage, and yeah. Generally all was well. It was fun. :)

Then we went to, um. The Alaska Fur Center? I’ve forgotten the name already. I bought Laura a swath of purple (VERY purple!) leather for her to make a fighting vest from (I’ll get a picture of her with her leather later tonight) as a birthday present, and she bought *me* a jade billiken as a birthday present and she got her friend somebody or other some musk ox wool to spin, which her friend had been hoping for very much, and she got her mom a couple of bags of random fur scraps that her mom will use to put on Santa Clauses and stuff like that. Oh, and in a fit of, um, fitfulness, I got a couple of copper rings which are even now turning my fingers green. :)

And right now Ben and Laura are off walking Chantico down to Earthquake Park, I am making ice cream (actually, that’s done now and it’s in the freezer becoming more, er, frozen), and Ted and Shaun are at the store buying things to make dinner with.

I went to the chiro this morning and he made me do my leg lift things to see how my lower back was doing, and it DIDN’T HURT AT ALL! That’s the first time it didn’t hurt! YAAAAAY! He says on Wednesday we’ll do a re-evaluation (i.e., more X-rays, I imagine) on my lower back to see how it’s doing, but I’m going in Monday again to do some more work on my stupid neck, which he prodded at this morning, causing me to go, “AAaaaghgah!” when he hit the place that was Wrong and Hurtful. However, he seems to think I’m healing right up, which is *so* *very* *nice*! As my mother said, “Well, you’re young.”

Which I allowed was true, but while I was lying around in the chiro’s office this morning, I was listening to the ‘easy listening’ station he’s got playing in there, and they were playing 80s rock on the easy listening station. When did I get old enough for the songs of my teenage years to be on the easy listening station? And somebody’s remade Papa Don’t Preach, which kinda threw me for a loop, too. *laugh* I was like, “Hey! How did I get old enough for them to be remaking Madonna songs?” ‘course, Madonna’s been around for a looooooong time, as far as pop music is concerned.

So I was saying all of this to Mom, who said she was waiting for someone to remake Red Roses For A Blue Lady, which she first heard as a teenager, and thought was a new song, but her father (whom, she said, was not prone to knowing these kinds of things) scoffed mightily at her and said it was a song from the 20s? 30s? Mom wasn’t actually sure, and I can’t find the original copyright date on the net, and as such wasn’t new at ALL. She said it seems to be re-recorded and become a hit about every twenty or twenty-five years. :)

Okay, I’m going to trundle offline now, since I imagine Laura and Ben will be back shortly. Vroom!

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  1. Ah, yes… the remake of ‘Papa Don’t Preach’ by Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter Kelly? most likely. My response… Whatever floats your boat, I guess!

  2. It’s hard to believe those are the same bears I saw as cubs when I visited!

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