a nice weekend

It was a nice weekend. It was absolutely *beautiful* today, and Ted and I drove out to near Girdwood and biked the 6 mile old road (now a bike path) from Bird Point down to Girdwood, and then back again. It was a very nice ride. And we went shopping and went out to dinner and took a nap; I don’t remember the last time we spent a whole actual *day* together. It was really really nice.

I forgot to tell the story about the car that stalled the other day. We were driving down C Street, and at the corner of C and Northern Lights, which is a fairly significant intersection, there was a car stalled with its hood open and its lights blinking. We said, “Ooh, that’s a bad place for a car to stall,” and went around it.

And as we turned the corner, we saw four Big Burly Men coming over from the Gold’s Gym that’s at the corner of C and Northern Lights. Three of them were in string tank-tops and shorts; the fourth was in a blue t-shirt and was probably the driver of the car. They were all grinning a lot, and they were clearly going to Go Move This Car.

I liked that a lot. *beam*

Friday we went out to dinner with Shaun’s parents, and went to Lone Star, which is a steakhouse. Yesterday we went out to Tony Roma’s, and Ted, who had eaten Burger King for lunch, didn’t eat much of the bacon-cheeseburger he ordered. I asked if he was feeling okay, and he said, “Yeah, I’ve just had a lot of flame-broiled beef in the last twenty-four hours.”


That made me laugh a lot, too. :)

It also reminds me of the time that he was saying he needed to get a wall-hung spice rack (Ted does the cooking at our house), only he said well-hung spice rack. *giggles* I’ve never let him live that down.

Nor have I let him live down the time that he was making lemon-pepper chicken, only he said lemon-pecker chicken. *helpless laughter*

Anyway, so this evening after doing all the other stuff I watched Tracker (first part of the season finale, which, irritatingly, is having nothing to do with the Overall Plot for the series, which, well, ok, you don’t want to finish it all up at the end of first season, but still, grmph) and made cookies, which are pretty good, and Ted gave Chantico a bath. She’s gotten VERY LARGE. Not, I think, because of the bath, but she has. :)

I should go check on the cookies. More bike blogging here.

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