a silly dream :)

I did not sleep well, presumably due to stress, but there was a good dream interval there where I was on the SNW Enterprise and Ortegas had for some reason gotten hold of a manual typewriter and was in absolute hysterics over its ancient, single-purpose functionality. I was like “ooh ooh I know how to type on that!” and we typed back and forth at each other a little (“HI ORTEGAS THIS IS ME”) before she got the bright idea to launch the carriage like a torpedo and aimed it at a window (which had at least two panes set well away from each other in a curve like an airplane window but deeper), where it cracked the inner window infintesimally, which Spock did not believe could happen, then announced would require Wonder Woman to repair.

Wonder Woman appeared shortly in the form of a very tall nonbinary person in a blue party wig and a sparkly blue sheathe dress. For some reason at this point Spock and I were in the shower, which was simultaneously as much fun and much less fun as you might imagine. Also, the shower was on the bridge. Spock exited to be awestricken by Wonder Woman and his (he was using he/him pronouns) equally nonbinary partner, who was sort of a Nathan Lane type. When I got out of the shower (in a towel) Wonder Woman was delighted to see me. Apparently we knew each other, although I was fully unaware of this.

Shortly thereafter it stopped being a SNW dream but it was considerable fun while it lasted. 🙂

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