a silly dream :)

I did not sleep well, presumably due to stress, but there was a good dream interval there where I was on the SNW Enterprise and Ortegas had for some reason gotten hold of a manual typewriter and was in absolute hysterics over its ancient, single-purpose functionality. I was like “ooh ooh I know how to type on that!” and we typed back and forth at each other a little (“HI ORTEGAS THIS IS ME”) before she got the bright idea to launch the carriage like a torpedo and aimed it…

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Wonder Woman yeets a tank. Yeet it all, sez I.

Wonder Woman’s gonna break $800m next week

I’ve been–I don’t think I’ve been doing it on the blog, but on Twitter and my FB page I’ve been keeping pretty close tabs on Wonder Woman all summer long. I’ve seen it five or six times in the theatre (including infamously flying to Liverpool to take my friend Leah to it to make sure she’d see it when her husband didn’t particularly want to!). I’ve been watching it break record after record–it was the biggest opening for the first weekend in June ever, it’s the biggest female-led, female-directed movie…

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Birthday & Wonder Woman

So yesterday was my birthday and it is also the birthday of my many many birthday twins, but I wasn’t online much and so I failed to say happy birthday to Esmerel and Silkblade and Chaz’s niece and also Morgan Freeman and Marilyn Monroe and Superman (the first Superman comic was published June 1 1938 :)). Happy birthday, twins, and thank you to everybody who wished me a happy day! Ted and Indy snuck off and got a couple pieces of art that have been sitting around for a long…

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Wonder Woman by Meagan Marie


The course of my social media morning: I see an image of a duck in a Batsuit, with BATFLECK across the top, and an image below of it of a horrified Batman. I am mildly amused and keep scrolling. I see “They need another Batman for the underserved white male demographic. Can’t you feel their pain?” I put the those two things together and think “…nah.” Then I see someone say “Ben Affleck, Batman? What cruel parallel world have we entered?” after which the friends list and follow list and…

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