I have a SWORD!

I got this PACKAGE from HIGHLANDER in the MAIL and thought: This has to be Emily’s.

I made Ted open it ’cause I was EATING and it had the Peter Wingfield ‘Postcards to Alexa’ video thing in it and I said, “That’s gotta be the Ivanhoe sword,” of the other box and it WAS only it wasn’t for EMILY it was for ME and *AIIIIIIIII* I was so surprised I lost my appetite. O.O

Apparently Emily, Sarah, Angie and Ted conspired against me and and and *falls right over* I have the very _best_ friends and husband. This is the SECOND time this year I’ve been conspired against! It’s turning out to be a very good year! (This is the whole collection as presented at Highlander-Official.)

*falls over* *falls over some more* *and some more* omg. O.O

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