a totally cool meme

I really like this meme I cribbed from Liralen:

Invent a memory of me and post it in the comments. It can be anything you want, so long as it’s something that’s never happened. Then, of course, post this to your journal and see what people would like to remember of you, only the universe failed to cooperate in making it happen so they had to make it up instead.


  1. I suppose my clearest memory of you was when you were standing outside the ballroom Sunday at the hotel, talking to Ted, and he was wearing his frilled shirt and carrying his sword while you were leaning against the wall in that button-down blouse and blue jeans. The contrast was striking, and it was so clear, from the body language the two of you had, how much in love you two are. Wouldn’t trade that one for anything.

  2. Well, don’t forget the time in San Francisco at that game convention – I was there on business and swung in to meet all you Horde people, and sat in on a game Trip was running, and you didn’t know who I was ’cause we’ve never met in real life. And the look on your face when someone called me “Trent” instead of “Paul” – that was priceless.

  3. mary anne

    How about the time you painted a giant Elfquest mural on the wall of your apartment….No, no, that actually happened….

    Ummm, how about the time we perambulated across the parking lot singing “The Scotsman” at full volume in the middle of the night at the dead of winter while entirely sober….No, that’s real too….

    Or doing the chicken dance to the sound of a video tape rewinder….Nope, that happened…

    Or the time you hooked up with my ex with my blessing…Umm, wait that doesn’t count either ;)

    Or you watching us all dance around like lunatics in Rennaissance Garb to “Keep your hands to yourself…” ummm. nope. that won’t do either…

    Well, darn it….How can made up memories top some of the real memories we share?? Sheesh! :)

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