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Elfquest: Skywise & Cutter

*bemused* You know what really useful item I have here? A signed, limited edition, *still shrink-wrapped* leatherbound edition of the Starblaze Donning ‪#‎Elfquest‬ GN #3. 30 years old!

I also have a not-shrinkwrapped copy of it and of #4, and 2 copies each of the softbound editions, and as usually happens when I notice these things, it’s hard to convince myself I shouldn’t go hunt down 1, 2, and the omnibus edition I saw once when I was about 12 and did not have the $150 for (of course) and have regretted not asking for ever since… :)

I’m reading (I’ve said this before, but) a book called GETTING THINGS DONE, which is highlighting how good I am at getting things done. It has ways to improve my system, although for me the idea of a physical inbox is impractical because I would never be able to keep small hands out of it. I’d like to have some kind of … I don’t know. Wetware. :) I’m never on the same system very long right now and Google calendar has underwhelmed me, as a rule. But it’s an interesting book and probably even more useful for people who don’t start out as generally organized as I am.

Here’s today’s plug for The Last Days of Ancient Sunlight. :)

And here are some absolutely beautiful 19th century photographs of the American west.

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