visits and gardens and things, oh my!

Our friend Kate came up from Cork to do family things, but we got to keep her overnight because we’re lucky. :) I obliged her to get her 10,000 steps for the year in a *second time* this year, the poor darling: we went hither and yon and to the Botanic Gardens for a picnic (and ended up on the evening news! if only for a moment or two! :) I’d download that and make a clip of just the bit with us except I can’t figure out how. Is…

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Fiery Sunset

Guinness grant

I thought I’d said, but maybe I didn’t! I closed out the Arthur Guinness Projects popularity vote contest with 2976 votes. The leader had just under 4500, and I’m pretty clearly in the top 10%. I think I might have been #6 overall. So now we wait. :) The judges will be announcing their decisions sometime in September, but I don’t know when exactly. Someone hypothesized it would be the 26th, which is the Guinness-invented holiday Arthur’s Day, and having had that hypothesis suggested to me, it’s OBVIOUSLY what *I*…

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at 10:30am i had eaten, bathed, played some x-box games, watched a bit of tv, moved 9 boxes of baby clothes downstairs, unburied the wardrobe in the front bedroom (but in doing so, buried the computer desk), emptied two boxes, and fallen on the stairs wrenching my shoulder and thumb badly in catching myself. the good news is i’ve moved on from being frustrated at ted for all the useless shit Important Stuff he owns to being frustrated with myself for all the useless shit Important Stuff i own. at…

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Elfquest: Skywise & Cutter

a useful item :)

*bemused* You know what really useful item I have here? A signed, limited edition, *still shrink-wrapped* leatherbound edition of the Starblaze Donning ‪#‎Elfquest‬ GN #3. 30 years old! I also have a not-shrinkwrapped copy of it and of #4, and 2 copies each of the softbound editions, and as usually happens when I notice these things, it’s hard to convince myself I shouldn’t go hunt down 1, 2, and the omnibus edition I saw once when I was about 12 and did not have the $150 for (of course) and…

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AGP Party :)

If Swan River Press & I get ‪Arthur Guinness Projects‬ grants we’ll have a joint celebration party to celebrate. You’re all invited. :) Vote for us! My project, the Last Days of Ancient Sunlight, and Brian’s project, the Swan River Press!