visits and gardens and things, oh my!

Our friend Kate came up from Cork to do family things, but we got to keep her overnight because we’re lucky. :) I obliged her to get her 10,000 steps for the year in a *second time* this year, the poor darling: we went hither and yon and to the Botanic Gardens for a picnic (and ended up on the evening news! if only for a moment or two! :) I’d download that and make a clip of just the bit with us except I can’t figure out how. Is anybody else smart enough to?) and hung out in our garden and generally had a really lovely time, at the end of which we were all totally exhausted. :)

Let’s see. Oh! I got a form letter a couple of days ago letting me know that I have not advanced to the next stage of the Arthur Guinness Projects grant awards thing, so, well, no climate change trilogy. Not right now, anyway.

Okay, several hours ago when I started this post I thought I had more to say, but having come back to it I can’t think what, so I’m going to go make some more jam now.

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