a v. fine day

Today was a v. fine day.

I spent some more time poking around trying to find PANEL ONE for less than $50, to no avail, and after a while I thought, “You know, I bet the Nat Gertler who wrote this is the Nat Gertler who wrote some of ElfQuest a while back and whom I met several years ago at a signing up here in Anchorage.” Okay, I didn’t think it that clearly, but for the benefit of you, my gentle reader, I’m spelling it out.

So I went and looked up Nat Gertler on the internet, and Lo, it /was/ the Nat Gertler who wrote etc etc etc. Furthermore, among the things he had on his website was an example comic book script.

Well! If I couldn’t find PANEL ONE, at least I’d found this! So I emailed him and first went on at great length about having met him in a scenario which I imagined he would not remember (I was wearing a jeans jacket with Strongbow painted on the sleeve, and he (Nat, not Strongbow) had just finished writing a story in which people literally wore their interests on their sleeve, and so the jacket made an impression) and then (I bet you’d forgotten that this sentence had a point besides the jacket story) I said I hadn’t been able to find PANEL ONE but I’d found his site and it was cool to have found the script and very useful and that sort of thing.

He emailed back like five minutes later with a URL for PANEL ONE (right here, if you want a copy yourself) and the admission that he vaguely remembered the jacket but not the “delightful-I’m-sure person inside the jacket” *giggle* and talked a bit about why he’d done PANEL ONE and so it was really a very fine conversation. So of course I’ve ordered PANEL ONE now and am hopping around impatiently waiting for it to arrive. Judging from what I feel I learned just from the one script Nat had on his site, I think this is going to be a very good investment. :)

I also got letters (one yesterday and one today) from the Childreach girls I’m sponsoring in Ethiopia, which is surprisingly exciting and interesting to me. Sometime soon I’m going to put together a page for them here on my site. This weekend I’ll write back to them. I need to get a photo of myself and get some prints made to send them.

Jai and I went for a 4 mile walk in the lovely sunny late afternoon and talked and talked and talked, which was a lot of fun, although now across the back of my neck between my shoulders is quite sore. I think I’m going to make a chiro appointment and see if he can, I donno, reshape my upper spine, or something. For those of you keeping track at home, my screwed-up lower back is doing MUCH better. Yay!

I am not doing very well on the eating well thing this month. I need to be better about that.

Hm. It seemed like there were some other good things to write about, too, but that’s all I can think of right now.

miles to Rivendell:
Heather: 57.7
Dave: 170.5
Jai: 59.1 (less than 400 miles to go! go Jai!)
Catie: 65
Laura: 81.5 (not counting biked miles as of today)

A v. fine day indeed.

3 thoughts on “a v. fine day

  1. Thanks for including my miles to Rivendell! They get lost on my LiveJournal. We’ll have to start a separate “Miles to Minas Morgul” heading.

  2. Actually, that figure for my Rivendell walk doesn’t include biked miles at all. :)

  3. I always liked Nat… saw him in a comedy skit group that he invited me to in Philly before he moved to CA. Now I’ll have to check out his website! *g*

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