a very busy day

It has been a very busy day.

Man. Even trying to formulate my thoughts is hard. Emily, who was back from Orycon, called around 9 or so and we zoofed over to pick her up so we could all go to the chiropractors. Before going to the chiros, we stopped by the old house so I could leave a note saying ‘we think you have some of our mail, please call, I leave tonight!’ Then, while Emily was being crunched we put gas in the Jeep, picked up the Mac disc (I’m reminded to download MacOpener), and talked to my parents before getting Emily again, going to Fred Meyer briefly, dropping E off at the mall so she could get her new Mark Ferarri prints framed, and going to get crunched ourselves.

Our clever plan to have lunch at Cafe Amsterdam was thwarted by them having new winter hours which include being closed on Mondays. We ended up at Hogg Brothers, which was okay. We zoomed by the post office, then brought Emily to the airport, where I also checked in for tonight’s flight and put myself on standby for a first-class upgrade. Wish me luck. With Emily on the way to Kotlik again, we headed home, except someone from Dynamic Realty called to say our buyer had dropped a bunch of stuff off there for us. So we scurried over there and got a FedEx package, an envelope of CARDINAL RULE cover flats, an envelope of THUNDERBIRD FALLS cover flats, and a box of THE CARDINAL RULE! It’s real! It’s a real book! I have copies! It’s very exciting! :)

Then we went home, walked the dog, went to the bathroom, and went back out to get some prints of our own framed, stop by GCI to drop off THE CARDINAL RULE and a couple other books for Jai, went to the post office again so I could send a copy of CR to somebody, sold our DVD/VCR, went to the Atlas Movers office to drop off paperwork, went to have dinner, and stopped by Radio Shack to get a power converter and adapter for my computer.

Now I’m doing laundry as fast as I can while packing up to leave the house in about 45 minutes and get on a plane to Ireland.


I expect I’ll be updating fairly regularly, to answer an oft-asked question. I’ll hopefully be on at least briefly tomorrow, but I donno if that’ll really pan out. One can hardly imagine there’s not wireless access at O’Hare airport, though.

Ok. Enough updating, time to pack up the computer and go to the airport.


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