So a few days ago I emailed Tony and Mary (ok, actually I emailed Mary, because I don’t think Tony actually does email, but nevermind that) to say that I was going to be in LA on the 9th with some friends, and would they like to join us for lunch, and also that Sarah and I had been working on this tv series script when Ted and I met Tony and Mary at The Yale and that Ted had said, afterwards, that we Must Write a part for Tony into it, and so Sarah and I looked at the characters and one of them who had just sort of been there came absolutely to life with a past and present and future and motivations and everything when we thought of Tony in the role, and now the script was done and I was going to send it to Tony’s agent, since he gave me his agent’s card, and Mary just wrote back to say that agents didn’t generally send scripts on to talent unless the project already had funding and they were doing casting, but that I was welcome to send a copy of the script directly to Tony!

(I can’t believe that entire paragraph was one sentence.)


So I’m going to, um, do that. *big huge eyes* *Wow*!

Oh, and they can’t come to lunch, ’cause Mary’s going to be competing in Utah for a … riding/shooting event, I’ve forgotten the name, that weekend, and Tony’s in pre-production meetings for a new Palpable Hits Production, this one on the Magic Circle. COOL! Er, cool for them, but not cool that they can’t make lunch. You know what I mean. *laugh* ANYWAY. Happy days!


5 thoughts on “AAAAAAAAAAAH!

  1. would you have been looking for the word “biathalon” for mary’s competitive event?

  2. oh, and i agree Kit and Sarah are great…..Kit because we’ve been friends for almost 12 years (GACK) and Sarah because Kit likes her (since i’ve never met her or talked to her, that’s the only grounds i have, although i’m sure i’d like her if i did meet her….)

  3. *laugh* No, actually, biathalon wasn’t the word I was looking for. I mean, that’s what it is, but she referred to it as something else in her email, so I was going to call it that, but I couldn’t remember what it was.

    So, wait, you’re saying that if I hadn’t known you for almost 12 years (!) that I wouldn’t be great? *suspicious look* :)

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