Ack. Two questions: anybody know how to…um. I don’t even know how to ask the question. Let me start at the beginning:

I just went back to and discovered the old MT site had reloaded itself over my new LJ version. I went into MT and changed the output file for the index to a different name, which may or may not do the trick; I don’t know why it reloaded in the first place, as I hadn’t made a new entry. Someone did comment, I think. Maybe that did it. Can anyone tell me if that might have been what did it, and if yes, have I stopped it from happening again by changing the output file?

Second, if that’s not it, might it be the RSS feed pinging the site that did it? If so, any idea how I turn that off, or, more ideally, switch it to looking at the LJ? As someone pointed out, there are a few strange people out there reading the RSS feed through other means, and I’d like to not cut them off if I can avoid it. I know the mizkit_feed here can’t be turned off, but … er. Well. Help? :)

(eta: Rill says the RSS feed for the LJ account is located at (and lo, it does so appear to be), and does anybody know if I just delete the index.rdf and .xml from my MT pages if that’ll just stop the mizkit_feed from, er, working? and if that might stop the main site from overwriting again?)


  1. annathepiper

    Looking at right this instant, I see your LJ posts–so you must have fixed whatever was going on.

    As for the RSS feed–I would suggest that if you have people following your journal via their own RSS aggregators of choice, you should just have them pull down the RSS feed of your LJ account. All LJ accounts have one. Pointing mizkit_feed at your LJ would be redundant, since mizkit_feed is only really useful to LJ readers anyway, and those of us with LJs can just follow your journal directly via our Friends lists. :)

  2. mizkit

    Well, it’s the LJ posts now because I re-overwrote the overwritten file, but I don’t know if in another 3 hours it’s going to revert again!

    How do I find/point people at/set up the LJ RSS? I didn’t really mean that I wanted to set the LJ RSS into the mizkit_feed. :)

  3. annathepiper

    *grin* Gotcha.

    Here is the pertinent FAQ entry, if that’ll help. The RSS feed URL you’ll want to give people, from what this is saying, would be

  4. drivingblind

    Unless you completely disabled MT, telling it not to build your site ever ever, I’m not sure deleting the files that it just creates whenever it thinks maybe it should build parts of your site would do anything for you, no?

  5. mizkit

    I donno *how* to completely disable MT, but for the moment, renaming the old index output file seems to have done the trick. At some point I’ll have to figure out how to shut the whole thing down, but for right now (and at least until I get this book done), it’ll do.

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