again with thehot

Again with the hot, and it’s only 9am. Blah. People live in this on purpose, that’s what blows my little tiny dehydrated mind away. Of course, I’m a particularly wussy breed of Alaskan, too, so that may have something to do with my general feelings of BLAH! BLAH! BLAH!

We went to Trinity Church and St. John the Divine yesterday. St. John is the largest Gothic cathedral in the world, and lemme tell you: walking into it is like walking down the Halls of Moria. It’s *huge*. It’s dark and beautiful and made to make you feel tiny and insignificant, and lemme tell you, if there were anything in the world that could make the Master Of All Egos, Catie, feel insignificant, it’d be a gothic cathedral like that one. It’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s also not finished, and I sort of wonder if they’ll ever finish it. Dor calls it St. John the Unfinished, and I think it’d lose its notoriety if they finished it.

It’s possible I said all this yesterday. I can’t remember. I have, thankfully, slept since then, although the hostel bed is primarily made up, Tigger-like, of springs. Tigger, one imagines, wouldn’t dig into one’s ribs quite so enthusiastically, though. Well. He’d probably be enthusiastic, but it wouldn’t seem quite that malicious. :)

Um. In a fit of fitfullness, we went to a movie last night. Movies cost $10 in NYC. o.O It was all right (we went to Once Upon A Time in Mexico but it wasn’t ten dollars worth of good. Sheesh. We did get rained on in the two blocks we walked home. Rained on to the I’m-dripping degree. Also, there were several trillion cops hanging out outside the theatre when we left. New York has a lot of cops.

Ted says I haven’t forgotten anything, so I’ll stop typing and go get breakfast.

5 thoughts on “again with thehot

  1. I’m so bummed that your email doesn’t work, oh ego-ful, writerly Catie. But the updates are great. See you soon, and have fun at the show tonight!

  2. Did you have anything to eat at the movies? Or did you skip the joy of the $14 hot dog, $7 soda and $12 pop corn?

    Yes, living in NYC is a bit odd, but remember, living 45 miles outside of NYC is quite nice.


  3. We had just eaten, so we didn’t enjoy the $14 hot dogs and the $7 sodas, no. Thank heavens. :)

    Trip: Right. :)

  4. The cost would explain why (having lived in the NYC area for most of my life) I’m basically ignorant in the movie department…

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