I just looked at the TQB synopsis. Not that I’ve been ignoring it, but I just took a look at it again. I have one page of synopsis left to deal with (the last 3 pages are going to end up as part of the next book in the series. I suddenly have sympathy for authors who start out with a trilogy and discover they’ve got a quintent on their hands.).

I have *no idea* how I’m going to fit this last page of synopsis into a mere 120 pages of manuscript. In fact, I’m *not*. AUGH. *Agh*. I mean, typically, this is a good sign; this is usually the point where I’m going, “OMG, do I have enough story to reach my wordcount/OMG do I have enough wordcount to finish my story?” and, y’know, my editor (who helpfully told me if I didn’t make it to 125K that was all right AHAHAHAHAHAHA) has been warned repeatedly that I expect this to come in *over* 125K, but AGH. It’s not that I care if I come in over wordcount, it’s that I thought I had about 120-150 pages left and now I’ve got the awful idea it’s more like 200. AGH.

Fck, fck, fckfckfck: this does not bode at *all* well for WFC, attending which is/was contingent on having TQB *done*. *Fsk*. *Fck*. And I have to make a decision *today*. ARGH.

I’ll be the girl at the keyboard in the other room, a-whirly eyed with panic. @.@


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