It is five hours to the book launch/signing. I have baked lemon cupcakes, brownie cupcakes, and about fourteen dozen cookies, with more to go. Next time I get the bright idea to make up 4 batches of cookie dough to refrigerate & bake the next day, I need to remember to roll the dough into tubes before I put it in the fridge. That would’ve saved me a whoooooooole lot of aggravation.

I posted on Twitter to say I was down to the last 3 eggs, which I assumed meant I was done with baking except for what could be made with a final 3 eggs. But then some friends who are in town for P-Con dropped by with another dozen. That was nice of them! I think. :)

I have not showered. I have not dyed my hair. I have not bleached my hair. I do not think those things are going to happen, either. I mean, the shower might, but not so much the hair arrangements.

I better go put the wine in the fridge, because I don’t think I’m getting to the IWC much before 6 tonight. Oi.

There. I have managed to shower, the last 5 dozen cookies are (taking turns) baking, and … I’m thinking about the muffins.

– write the PRSI letter, argh
make a thousand cookies
» chocolate chip cookie dough
» oatmeal raisin cookie dough
» chocolate migraine cookie dough
» peanut butter cookie dough
» and also
»» lemon curd muffins
»» apple cinnamon muffins
»» raisin bran muffins
»» raspberry jam muffins
» and also
»» brownie cupcakes
»» lemon cupcakes
– clean the kitchen forty 38 35 27 more times
clean the upstairs bathroom
– clean the computer room
get the spell check finished
– send books to the other small cousin
– finish the tree house
– blog about gwen

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  • Miss Bliss

    What is with you and the insane baking? I swear there are many reasons I’d like to go to Ireland but soon it will be just so I could show up to something you will be at and get some Catie Baked Goodies. As if all the books weren’t enough…sheesh. I hope you have a good time. :-)

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